Vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly locations in a few of my favourite cities, including both Toronto, and New York City for now.

Toronto, Ontario. 

My all time favourite restau in T.O. is Hogtown Vegan. Its a quaint restaurante on Bloor West and serves a great variety of all vegan Southern favourites including mac n' cheese, phish and chips, rhuben, pulled "unpork" and the list goes on. They are only around a year old, so they are just getting into the hand of things, their tables might a bit shaky but their poutine is to die for. Vegan or not, its good eats

Another excellent option for vegans and meat-eaters alike is Disgraceland. Just west of Hogtown, Disgraceland specializes in comfort food (Hot dogs, burgers and poutines for all) and a wide variety of beers and cocktails. With it's dark atmosphere and its pool table and board games, this place is perfect for hanging out with you friends....but maybe not your grandparents.

Sushi in the city.  Look no farther that Sushi on Bloor, just west of Spadina, a student friendly, high energy restaurant with a great variety of sushi that appeals to both omnivores and herbivores that won't leave you with a gaping hole in your pocket.

If you are looking for fast a cheap Vietnamese food, highly reviewed Pho Hung is the place to go. With 3 locations in T.O. (I'm a fan of their Spadina location), they have a wide variety of both vegan, vegetarian and meatier options. Website is not the greatest, but the food is:

New York, NY

If  you have a sweet tooth, I suggest a venture out to Brooklyn, because they have the best doughnuts (cough cough vegan) I've ever had.
Dun-Well doughnuts are absolutely mouth watering and are the best artisan doughnuts you'll find on either side of the bridge. They have everything from glazed to sweet potato pie, all your favourites, plus some.

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