New York Food

What we ate and drank in the big apple.

February 2013

Soy latte at the Ace around 7am. Way too early and way too cold. 

Poor lighting for pictures but the food is worth it, Vegetarian Paradise 2. Silly name but the variety of meat substitutes is amazing, at least compared to what you can find here in Toronto. They also have a great selection of juices, perfect if you need a pick-me-up. 

Variety Coffee, Brooklyn. A hip joint that serves exactly what you need first thing in the morning.

Champs, Brooklyn. All day breakfast, all day goodness.

Dun-well doughnuts. Best doughnuts ever! And they're all vegan!
Their shop is super cute, and if you're stopping in, make sure to buy some extra doughnuts for later.

Blue Bottle, Brooklyn. They roast all their beans in house and they make a mean joe.

Foodswings, Brooklyn. Kick-ass vegan diner food! All your favourites made fresh in house. We went here for a late lunch, and ended up eating so much that we didn't have room for dinner!  We go back every year - they're on the top of our list whenever we visit the city.

Bluebird café in Alphabet city. A cosy little joint that makes an excellent soy latte.

Atlas in Alphabet city. Their menu wraps around the room. Some things are a bit odd, but they make excellent juice and savoury artichoke and mock-chicken crêpe.

A little bit of Lula's vegan ice cream in Alphabet City. The weather might have been a little cold for ice cream, but the flavours were amazing! One scoop of peanut-butter and chocolate, one scoop oatmeal cookie. Yum!